Adjustable White Square 900x900MM Shower Bases w/ SS Grate for Misaligned Drain


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  • The problem of misaligned drains is solved within the Wydaflo Shower Tray itself.
  • Through the transparent Wydaflo Shower Tray, installers can totally see where to fit the required drain.
  • The shower tray is adjustable in relation to rigid pipework and the walls – no jackhammering needed – which saves time and money for everyone.
  • The Wydaflo shower tray can be produced in a variety of colors to match the current bathroom decor.
  • The tray is easily maintained with no messy grates to clean or dirty pipework visible through the grate.
  • The outer tray can be fitted and left until the house or job is finished. The centre portion can be installed anytime afterwards allowing tilers, plumbers, and painters to stand on the floor inside the tray.
  • Wydaflo shower trays make it convenient for tradesman for timing and final installation.
  • The tray is injection molded using high strength A.B.S. making it far superior to vacuum molded or fiberglass products.